Surf & Yoga Retreat on Gran Canaria

Surf one of the islands of happiness

Enjoy yourself by surfing, doing yoga, meditating and more in the island of Gran Canaria one of the most famous islands of The Macaronesia Region (the happy islands)!
Experience the volcanic nature, the ocean and the best company you can have: surfer girls like you.

Live a fantastic week of intensive surfing, yoga for surfing, meditation, adventure and workshops regarding your inner strength for surfing surrounded by pure nature of the green valley in the north of the island.

Within the EU, the Macaronesian Region consists of three archipelagos: the Azores, Madeira (both belonging to Portugal) and the Canaries (Spain). All are of volcanic origin, and this fact is reflected everywhere in the landscape.

The Canary Islands are the wealthiest and most diverse islands in the Macaronesian Region.
The volcanic landscapes, the unique Macaronesian flora, and the extensive pine forests make Gran Canaria worthy of being a World Biosphere Reserve from UNESCO.
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the city with the best weather in the world, and the island displays both subtropical and arid landscapes that typify the island chain.

Gran Canaria has a pleasant climate with daytime temperatures reaching into the 22-27’s (°C) throughout the year. There are surfable spots right around the island but the majority of surf is done on the north facing coast, with its offshore winds and big swells during winter, and small ones during summer.


Get better in your surfing with 4 hours of surfing lessons per day. From beach break to an easy point until reef breaks, you stay in the level group you belong to.

After warming up and going into detail about the surf spot, you are practicing surfing getting keen on improving of improving your surfing skills by frequently feedbacks, attended observations, technical advice, motivating phrases and personal treatment! Be surprised and get involved in the remarkable process of growing over your surf limits. Niki Gerland your private surf instructor worked for many years as a surf teacher and knows where to focus.


In the evenings we are closing the day with the best you can do after a great day of surfing: stretching, release and empowering your bodies by the best Yoga classes I can image: Yoga with the professional yoga instructor Iballa de Vicente.

She focuses on our flowing, breathing and getting aware of our bodies. Let the stress go away; let it go whatever not fit anymore in your life. Stay in your body and connect with it! This helps a lot in improving your surf, your life and the joy of living!

“Everything is possible when you do
something with your heart”

From 08 to 15 - SEPTEMBER - 2018


  • for the first 8 participants.
  • 7 nights of accommodation in FINCA ECOLÓGICA ANATOT.
  • 4 vegetarian meals per day (vegan option on demand).
  • 6 days of surfing lessons, 4 hours per day with surf equipment.
  • Special Workshop: mental surf training + Powerbook for empowering & improving your surfing.
  • 5 days /1,5 hours per day of Yoga Sessions, with yoga mats included.
  • 6 days/ 1 hour of guided meditation sessions
  • 1 excursion to La Caldera de Bandama
  • Movie night and free spirit dancing night
  • Bedlinen and towels


  • • Flight tickets
  • • Airport shuttle (18 €/way until 4 people altogether)
  • • All the other activities like massages or Tapas night.

1099 € / per person

999 € / per person

All bookings before 1st



Relax with us in Anatot, the impressive retreat house surrounded by nature, palms & cactus trees, fresh air and the free spirit and silence of the mountain, ten minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. The old Canarias styled building delivers wooden sleeping rooms, broad areas outside for Yoga, meditating and mindfulness walk. Have a picnic outside!

Talk around the open fireplace! Find your inner peace and power back in this environment of happiness and liberty. Meditating in the morning dawn. Taste and enjoy the healthy food and tropical local fruits. Carmen (the owner of Anatot) will prepares for us every day four healthy and vegetarian meals. Many of the bio ingredients come from the own garden of Anatot, cultivate with love and dedication. On demand, you can also choose the vegan option.


Every morning we will wake up our minds by meditating, learning observing our thoughts, breathing and looking at how we feel in our bodies. Our medi- tating teacher has more than 25 years of experiences in meditation and is a mindfulness instructor. Being aware is essential for surfing and life and for recognizing: I am, I can, I have, I am allowed happy.


Co-founder of ánima women’s surf style
Private surf coach

I am Niki Gerland, 44 years old and have been surfing for almost 12 years. Originally i am from Germany. I’ve been living on Gran Canaria for almost 12 years, working as a surf instructor at Atlantis Surfhostel for 10 years.

That my great passion surfing become my job was one of my dreams. Another lifelong dream was to participate in surfing competitions. I already fulfil this dream for more than the 5 years now. In the first surf contest year I became Canary surfing champion. After many years of surfing and experience as a surf instructor, I would like that other surfers benefit from my experience. I was particularly struck by the fear in the development of my surfing and other areas of my life. For this reason I and a friend who surfs too, came up with the idea to create a label that helps to be more courageous in surfing and in life! Ánima! My other passions in life are: meditating, running, reading, growing.

Co-founder of ánima women’s surf style
Design and creative director

I am Esperanza Bringas, 48 years old, born in Madrid and I live in Gran Canaria since 2012, when i moved with my baby Noé.

I am vegan and felt in love with the sea when I was such a baby.. I love surfing, swimming in the sea with my monofin, skating, and every morning starts with yoga…

I have been more than 20 years working as advertising art director and graphic designer. The first 5 years with multinational advertising agencies and more than 15 years like freelance.

When I met Niki, she was my surfing teacher and soon we became friends and surfing together. We started with ánima women’s surf style with the enthusiasm to create a different sustainable surfing brand for women.

Yoga for surfers teacher:

I am a yoga lover. I came in touch with the yoga world back in the 90,s in a beautiful holistic community in California and I immediatly fell in love with the discipline. I discovered a way to get in touch with my in- ner world as a way to heal, understand and look at myself from a more compasive and loving perspective. Nowadays, I can say that yoga has made me and is still making me a stronger and better version of myself.

From a need to go deeper on the yoga knowledge I did a 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course with Jamie Clarke and Dulce Aguilar as teachers in the It,s Yoga Studio that was in Gran Canaria in 2012. It was a training in Asanas, Pranayamas and Practice Teaching of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. That inner drive took me in 2014 to Thailand to complete with my teachers a 300 hours course of Techniques, Practice, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy &Physiology as well as Philosophy, Lifestyle an Ethics in the disciplines of Yin Yoga & Advanced Ashtanga Vinyasa.

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