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Fuerteventura. Pro Surfer

I am 11 years old, Italo-Chinese. I started surfing with my father when I was 3 years old. When  I was 9 years old I won my first surf competition. This year I won the Spanish Open and junior championships by autonomies, was runner-up of Spain open, third in under 18, I reached the semifinals in my first wsl.qs event in Newquay qualifying me seventh in the European wsl qualification and I reached the semifinals in Biarritz at the belza classic always in the open category.




I am an art historian, writer and professional freediver. 

Today I live in Baja California Sur, where I have just opened a freediving center with my partner (@freedivepassion_la_ventana) and where I am lucky to spend my days in one of the most abundant seas on the planet. Freediving came into my life at the end of 2021 and since then my reality has revolved around it. This year I became an AIDA instructor and attended my first indoor competitions. 2024 is calling me for depth, so my focus will be on the outdoor season and continuing to progress so I can enjoy my dives at levels I can’t even imagine yet.



Borned in Spain (costa Brava)

I relocated to Australia because of my love for the waves. Living in a place where I can surf every day is all I ever wished for. I also enjoy taking my carver and skating wherever I want. The ocean brings me peace, providing a moment of disconnection, freedom, and pure enjoyment without thinking about anything else. Another essential part of my daily life is my time on the asphalt, where I feel in the flow, and experience freedom, and a rush of adrenaline. Without a doubt, I’m living in a dream I never want to wake up from.




Valencia. Paratriathlete

Hello my name is Vanessa Grace Yeager.
I am a surfer from Newport Beach, California
I am the admin for the largest women’s surfing group in the world on

Facebook: women who surf.



I did not grow up by the ocean. But I have always been fascinated by it since I was a child, and as soon as I could I moved closer to it. Life brought me to Portugal, where it’s not just any sea you are living by: it’s the Atlantic Ocean: Powerful, Furious, endless. And where I end up almost everyday. Living here tough me to respect it more than everything else: not just when it’s angry and stormy in winter and doesn’t let us surf it, but also when it’s calm and warm in summer, when we are not able to find waves anywhere. It’s like a living creature to me, to approach respectfully and cautiously and that more than anything else, taught me patience.




Nací y crecí en Galicia, cerca del mar, mi padre me inculcó la pasión por el mar. La vida me trajo a la isla de Faial donde descubrí trabajos apasionantes relacionados con el mar y donde he vivido los últimos años. A pesar de tener relación con el mar desde pequeña, llega un momento de la vida en que decidimos aquello a lo que nos queremos dedicar. Y yo no podía pensar en un trabajo que no fuera en el mar.

Bucear con tiburones, mantas, ver ballenas, enseñar a otras personas a bucear… son parte del “normal” en nuestro trabajo. Suelo decir que vives con la piel seca y salada, el pelo quemado por el sol y los pies siempre mojados, pero a pesar de todo es la mejor oficina del mundo.

El mar me da paz, calma, libertad, el mar cura el alma. 



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